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Brickell Technology, LLC


Brickell Technology is now part of the Order of the Artisans! As a sister organization, Brickell Technology will focus on supporting our government customers, Small Artisan Businesses (SABs), other 501c3s, and primarily, developing the technologies needed for the coming data driven, decentralized, and autonomous future social-economic reality.

Our Mission

We help organizations modernize by focusing on the needs of the business, understanding the mission of the organization, reducing silos, establishing a common vocabulary through out the organization, and validating solutions via an iterative approach.

Our Vision

A world where technology use and understanding is wide spread, where all workers are multidisciplinary and have access equally to enhancements by technology, and where technology helps reduce and minimize unethical business behavior.

Our Focus

Brickell Technology’s mission is to support the mission of the Order of the Artisans, which calls for focus on the following disciplines and industries:
-Emerging Technologies
-Technology Architecture
-Mycology & Fungiculture
-Sustainable Farming
-Extreme Environment Farming