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When supporting the Order, you fight with us to ensure progress towards the best future possible…

The Order of the Artisans Foundation is a 501c3 private operating foundation proudly based out of Haymarket, Virginia. On our farm, Artisan:Sanctum, we R&D and operationalize businesses and technologies, via which, we develop frameworks for rapid business operationalization for small-ethical artisan business.

We also focus on developing a social framework, Artisanship as a Philosophy, via which, we hope to inspire humanity to adopt an altruistic, ethical, artisan-driven and technology empowered future social-economic model.

Our Mission

The mission of the Order is to inspire human progress, equality and unity, to develop an international network of artisans, to disrupt unethical business, to develop an artisan-centric social-economic safety net and to implement community support initiatives where the need arises.

Our Vision

The vision of the Order is a future-state society in which all individuals have the tools, knowledge, and ability to establish and operate small ethical artisan businesses, thereby supporting the Order’s objectives and goals defined in our mission statement.